Our Company
Today Synergie Cad Group is a combination of a strong manufacturing and service company. We have both strong and strategic partnerships to address our customers’ needs in semiconductor test.

Our large expertise of Semiconductors industrialisation and production also allows us to offer unique PACKAGING & TESTING services from our European Hub in Toulouse for small and mid series. This capacity is complemented by our partnership with Tier1 OSAT for larger volumes.
Synergie Cad with more than 30 years of electronic board design and manufacturing will take on all your PCB’s and engineering challenges.

We have developed our solutions for the high demanding semiconductors test interfaces world and this will allow us to adapt to any of the industry challenges.
During the last 30 years we have offered our expertise to be a global turn key solution provider.
We also expand our presence over 4 continents to be closer to our customers.

Synergie-CAD is a leading international electronic manufacturing & design service pro-vider offering a full turnkey capability in test programme development, hardware deve-lopment , design, simulation, and manufacture of complex electronic products, systems and assemblies for the Semiconductor test industry.
Our offering is uniquely open ended, allowing clients total freedom in selecting the range of services they need or a single service, at the level they need it, be it design, simulation, sockets, manufacturing or full turn-key. Our aim is to become Strategic partner to our customers.